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Welcome to my website. Art has been part of my life in one form or another. For many years, I focused on working with jewelry pieces made from sterling silver, semi-precious beads and PMC (Precious Metal Clay). More recently, I needed something to reconnect with my creative side and found the world of fluid acrylic art & resin art.  For me, there is a lot of thought that goes into my art before I ever take paint or resin to the substrate I will use. Fluid art takes patience as there is a lot of prep work, drying time and finishing work that goes into each piece outside of the actual application of the paint or resin. Fluid art also takes the ability to let things go. Even with the best laid out plans, applying the acrylic paint or resin can take your vision a totally different direction, which is truly the beauty of the process.


If you are interested in custom work, please contact me to get the process started.


I appreciate and respect the fluid art process and all its endless possibilities.

I am filled with gratitude that I am able to do something I love. 

Thank you for visiting my site. 



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